E ‘stato un po’

It’s been a bit. That is as close to ‘It’s been awhile’ I can get in Italian…

It has been awhile since I featured a foreign film on my blog and I saw a really heartwarming one a few nights ago.

Quiet Chaos (2008) via Netflix

Pietro Paladini is off enjoying the day at the beach with his brother when two women in the water cry out for help. His brother saves one and Pietro the other. The insane irony is when he returns home to find that his wife has fallen off a ladder and is dead in their garden.

Pietro is left to raise their daughter Claudia while dealing with her silent grief as well as his own. Dropping her off to school he tells her he will wait on the bench till she gets out, he decides to do this everyday. Pietro goes through is day working from his car oblivious to a big merger as he developes small relationships with the people surrounding his daughters school.

Low key with a few twists but very touching.

SN: Why doesn’t English sound as lyrical as other languages?


5 thoughts on “E ‘stato un po’

  1. It all depends on how you place the words in order for English to by lyrical. Here’s something I did a while ago and if I may say so its lyrical.

    As the days and months have passed on by, her memory begins to fade
    But not the aching in my heart, that remains the same
    The sound of her laughter, the memory of her smile
    Though now in the distance, will stay with me for a while

    I still have the notes and letters, that she sent to me
    It start’s to tear me apart, as I begin to read
    The tenderness of her messages, her love so plain and true
    All finished off with five little words, I truly do love you

    There is a place within my heart, where she will always stay
    From this day and forever more, never to go away
    I still look back at her picture, of the girl that I once knew
    As I quietly whisper, I truly do love you


  2. This looks like a great movie and since I have Netflix I will check it out! I love hearing the romantic languages but I’ve never really watched Italian films. You may have kicked off another obsession for me.


    1. I was obsessed with French films for awhile…still am but I have branched out a lot. I definitely want to profile more of my foreign film finds. If you go back there are some really cool ones I have reviewed. Don’t get me going but I will be glad to send you a list of must sees 🙂


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