Mother to Daughter Advice

Me @ 17

Me: ugghhhh i will never wear tampons again. those things are painful. The nurse said I wouldn’t even feel it once it was in. After an hour I took it out, it hurt

Mom: did you take it out the cardboard?

Me: huhhhh

Mom: did you take it out the cardboard and just put the cotton piece in? you should have read the instructions. You just shoved everything up there

Me: How was I supposed to know. you didn’t tell me

Mom: you should have read the instructions and you had pads. You just wanted to be grown and go to the nurse for a tampon. Rolls her eyes

Me: Every time I try to tell you something you, forget it…stomps off

I was trying to be grown. all the girls in high school were wearing tampons I felt like a chump still wearing big old diaper pad, luckily that year the adhesive pads had come out. Yeah, remember the belt you had to wear…no, you probably don’t. Shit I’m old

Me @ 40

Me: Mia if you wear tampons make sure you take them out the cardboard

Mia: What cardboard? They come in a plastic tube.

Me: well make sure you take it out the tube before you insert it

Mia: Mommmmm I’m not stupid. who would be dumb enough to leave it in the tube

Me: I’m just saying…

Mia: but that’s just dumb.

Me: whatever I’m…forget it since you know everything. every time I try to tell you something…stomps off

She is NOT smarter than me!!!!


7 thoughts on “Mother to Daughter Advice

  1. Ha Ha Ha! This is great!
    My daughter flushed the plastic applicators down the toilet, thinking they were just like the cardboard ones, until the toilet backed up one day. My poor baby!
    Don’t worry, you are smarter than her! She probably did the same thing my daughter did or that you did and just won’t admit it! 🙂


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