It’s Always Pretty

My walk from the train station in Providence was beautiful and serene. The State House always makes me feel Parisian…that architecture is Paris court. Snow is always pretty when it is in the moment but the next day…maybe that will be my second post of the day. Right now just the pretty









10 thoughts on “It’s Always Pretty

    1. I have not even got out of bed yet because I know it’s a mess
      Outside. Schools already called a hour delay. I can hear the sound of slush as cars drive by
      Le sigh. Guess I need to get up now


  1. It looks pretty magical to me…I wish I were there! I loved being the first one up in the new snow. I miss it so. Here in AZ it is sunny but chilly. Snow would make it worthwhile to have cold hands…sigh.


    1. I love the first snow. it is magical or as much as I could capture with my IPhone LOL today its raining and saturday will be in the high fifties. It will be a memory tonight


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