It’s Isht Like this

I just wrote a post and I guess WordPress is making it easier for blogger to do impromptu post but it sucks…well, at least till I figure it out because I just wrote a post that included downloaded pictures and its GONE. So the good mood I was in is now GONE and now I’m going to rant about other isht that has pissed me off the last few days.

Crying. I am a big crybaby. Show me any sentimental movie and I’m in tears. My children tease me all the time about being a crybaby. However, I do not cry for effect. That pisses me off when I see others do it. Seems every celeb that lands on America’s shit list for whatever it is they were caught in comes back with an interview, a sob story about a tragic life changing moment, and those damn tears. Reality fashion show contestants are the f’ing worse though. CRY IN THE BATHROOM NOT ON TELEVISION. SUCK IT UP!

New Apple products after I just bought the new Apple product three months ago. Seriously, you honestly didn’t think to go HD with 2 or make the camera better with 2?

Rush Limbaugh claiming he was set up. Are you KIDDING ME? Dude, how can you be set up to call a woman a slut and a prostitute???? Even if you disagree with her testimony did you have to resort to namecalling? But that is who you are and what you do in your little secluded room with your mike, you sit back and name call but have you ever said any of that isht to someone’s face?

Facebook over Thirty Status updates. I hate the Single to In a Relationship updates. I hate the “Just heard devastating news’ status then you disappear while you get eighty replies asking ‘what happened’,  ‘are you okay’ etc for you to come back six hours later with you were devastated because you heard that your cousins husband lost his job. That is devastating news but heffa I thought you had cancer!

Mitt Romney. Man up and tell the base to kiss your ass, maybe they will like you because your I’m über conservative and hate all liberals approach is not working. You need more people.

I’m out because it’s isht like this that makes me go tourette


12 thoughts on “It’s Isht Like this

  1. Very lovely rant!!! I love this…especially the RL isht. He is a little weasel, And I agree with Patrick…never calm down, you are too hilarious when you get riled up!


    1. I had a nice happy post all set. With some pretty pictures and when it vanished I just was pissed off. What’s a girl to do when she has a blog but subject her friends to a rant lol


      1. It came to my email but when I clicked it wasn’t there. How bizzarre? Damn, I bet it was great, too! Nevertheless, I enjoyed this one in its stead. I love a good rant and you are one of the bestest ranters on the planet!! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I could do a five page rant on Rush alone but I would never subject people to that much venom and cursing…my mama raised me better than that! LOL


    1. Oooooh Donna….I thought I had come down but EVERY TIME I turn to the news and hear the political BS of the day I feel the boil. I need to learn how to better handle these type of things…I can’t legally just slap the heck out of someone!


  2. Ohhhhh….me too when you’ve stated, “Show me any sentimental movie and I’m in tears.” Also, I started to laugh when you wrote you piece about Facebook. Ain’t this the truth. A girlfriend and I just spoke about this last night and to see your post just made me smile.~Shamenomore


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