Trinity: A Novel

 And not just any novel, a novel written by my dear friend Patrick Fox. Trinity is now available on for the U.S. price of $2.99. Why should you buy it? Because it is awesome that is why!

Well, of course I WOULD say that because I rode the literary train with Patrick for a good deal of his editing this book and I feel attached to it, like it is my neice. I am immensely proud of him and all of his hard work. He painstakingly went over this book a million times making sure every comma was in place and he was giving you, the reader, an exceptional entertaining read. He is meticulous that way.

Despite my prejudice, Trinity is truly an interesting piece of fiction, so if you are looking for a humorous, romantic, very well written book about an imaginary friend returning to guide his old charge, who is now a fully grown man, well Trinity deserves a read. 

What, you say, an imaginary friend? No way. Yes, Patrick brings back, Trinity, the imaginary friend of Ben Rider twenty-five years later to sort out his mess of a life. Trinity in Ben’s youth was cowboy and when he pops up in Ben’s kitchen one day…well the adventure begins.



13 thoughts on “Trinity: A Novel

    1. Congrats, Mr. Fox! I will check out your novel. I bet you are ecstatic. I would be and I can’t wait to read it! Great going from a wanna-be-someday (ahem…) in your shoes. I think it’s fab and I may never get there but I’m very happy for you!


      1. Right, then. I will brush up since I only know dodgey and wanker and those do NOT relate to him! I checked out his site. Smashing stuf!


      2. I could only imagine the things your book would be about. You have awesome wit. I’m sure it would be HILARIOUS!!!


      3. You.Are.Too.Kind. Every time I get going I find it hard to gentle on myself and get stuck in proofreading. This blog has broken me out of the scared-shitless mode so perhaps I can actually learn how to write. I didn’t pay much attention in English so my grammar, et al leaves little to be desired. Practice! Who knows, I may do it yet? xoxo-Beck


  1. I will definitely check it out. How cool to be personal friends with a published author…wait, are you published too and I don’t know it? If so, I want to know!


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