Every Black Mother Knows


That our sons can be targeted. We teach our sons to not be too wild in the streets, not to be confrontational with figures in authority because in our hearts we suspect(know) that our sons will be mistreated unjustly. It’s a harsh truth on racism and we try to bury it. We try not to let our fears hinder the growth of our sons, we try not to strip the dignity that all men have (crave) because they are men. But when we send them out into the world we worry. We pray. We hope that at the end of each day they will come back to us unharmed either physically or emotionally.

As I listened to the screams of the 911 call where you can clearly hear Trayvon Martin screaming in the background my heart broke and like every black woman and every black man my thought went to my own sons. How easy it could have been them just like at that moment it was Trayvon. When I look at the many pictures of his innocent face on the internet and news my heart breaks for him and his family. I know his mother probably kissed that face a million times, hugged him to her a million times, and laughed with him a million times and now it will never be enough.

I listened to the 911 call from that scumbag Zimmerman and see no provocation for his ‘suspicion’ other than the fact that Trayvon was young and black. Listening to his calmness boils my blood. Listening to his description of him claiming that Trayvon looked like he was on drugs angers me so deeply it hurts. A bag of skittles and ice tea makes you high.

Self Defense. SMH. I didn’t hear a man screaming for help, I heard a boy screaming for his life. Shaking my head at what should be the shame of the vague self-defense law in Florida, at the police officers who let this vile waste of a human being go, and the lax gun laws that led to this damn tragedy.


13 thoughts on “Every Black Mother Knows

  1. This case makes me hug my babies tight. It is truly frightening and sad that a child could be killed for walking down the street. People always laugh at me because I am “overprotective”, but I recognize that there are people in this world that don’t mean us any good.


    1. The 911 of the boy screaming is truly the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard. I cried knowing the horror in his mind for that moment and then the gunshot and it was all over…all over.


  2. I feel a gut-wrenching squirm in my stomach every time I hear the recording. Then I get red hot mad. This is the very reason I “overkill” on the tight hugs and kisses with my kids, especially when they are sound asleep. I tell myself (and my husband) that when they grow up and face heartless people, they will always have the memories of my warmth, love and kisses, even when I’m gone.

    Now, of course I take everything back to the power of your voice by the power of your vote. By working for the Census Bureau, I say your voice starts with your participation in the Census. Congressional districts/representation, financial allocations and community resources are determined by the numbers garnered from the Decennial Census, as well as, from other important Census Bureau administered surveys throughout the year.

    Next, you’ve got to be registered and you’ve got to VOTE. Voters determine who are and will be the officials running our cities and patrolling our streets. Voters can change idiotic laws. It may seem like a slow process and your vote may seem insignificant, but just know this, some people are counting on you to think that very thing and not vote. Prove them wrong – – VOTE!

    This tragedy truly bleeds many ugly realities. Some say that it’s not a racial issue. It’s hard for me to say that it’s not, especially when I hear zimmerman make numerous assumptions about Trayvon Martin. Did zimmerman start life out so jaded about young black men because that’s what he was taught at home, from television, the movies, music and rap songs? Do we blame society for his “jadedness”? Or, did he have a negative experience with a young black male at some point in his life?

    Yes, I believe that this could have happened to anyone of any color who encountered an *&%@ hole like zimmerman, but being a black mother who knows a little bit about American history; having travelled in many circles (race, socioeconomic, gender, geographic, etc.); and having been blessed with the awesomeness of many black males in my life, I can’t help but not to think that this tragedy is racially tinged. So, to calm my troubled spirit, I will continue to hug, kiss and love my little black children a little bit harder and yell on my “Get Out and Vote/Census” soapbox a little bit louder.

    Thanks for letting me vent.


    1. Wow that was beautifully written. I felt your sadness and dismay also a bit of the disappointment we all are feeling in the system. I will make a special blog post about voting and standing up to this tragedy and many others like it. Well said!


  3. Brilliantly written, Shahidah. I heard the story on the radio, heard the boy screaming in the background and lost it. And then they explained Florida’s law about self defense, etc, and I became even more enraged. You know I’m a white girl and truly colorless in my heart and I sincerely hope that the color of my skin doesn’t negate my opinion on how much this senseless ignorant bastard’s racist act of cold-blooded murder has placed even more wedges between the hopes of eradicating racism, on any level. It saddens me to point of despair that we are still facing this type of brutal intolerance and I am disgusted with the human race as a whole, that in this day and age we still have people who are raised to distrust and hate those who are different than them, who can carry a gun and get away with
    murder because of lax laws.

    Beautifully written, as always, although I wish the topic would never get to surface again


    1. BigHug. I think I know your heart and at times like this we all have to show our outrage and be one…you know the saying at the end of the day we are all one race. As a mother I know you can relate to another woman’s pain and that is colorless


      1. Big Hug back. I can relate to the fear that there are evil stupid people roaming the planet…it is my biggest nightmare, that one of these crazy fucks (sorry but there is no other word that quite conveys my hostility) will even lay eyes upon one of my children.
        And we are one race, the human one, and it distrubs me when a person acts more like an animal than a sentient being. Hell, even the animals don’t kill each other without a damn good reason.
        I can’t help but hate being white during times like these. Isn’t that the stupidest thought? But it’s true. I think you know what I mean.


      2. I know what you mean LMAO we all have moments of WTF when our folks do ish! This guy has to go to prison. It is a complete stunner and I’m glad the feds have the investigation now because A LOT OF PEOPLE need to be fired


  4. I am glad this case is finally moving forward. My mom lived through the Emmett Till case and is disgusted at the similarities. She told me to take away every hoody my son owns. I won’t, because the if it wasn’t a hoody, it would’ve been an umbrella or his pants sagging. It doesn’t matter what we wear or how we talk, we still have a long fight ahead of us. Good post.


    1. Thank you Chris.
      I’m really getting frustrated with it was the hoody defense. Disgusted with Geraldo jumping on that theme. the hoody was just an accessory to his blackness! It would have happend anyway because Zimmerman is vile, disgusting and a racist PERIOD

      I like torture so I was reading some of the comments on Glenn Becks site…one insane beckster said ‘innocent people don’t run’ innocent people run from danger all the time!.


  5. I too was hurt by this event. That’s why I’m so hard on my son and my brother that I care for daily. It’s up to us as women of color to raise our children correctly so that they understand how to handle themselves respectfully when they leave home. My heart goes out to this mother and father. ~Shamenomore


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