What a Difference


A few weeks make






4 thoughts on “What a Difference

    1. I started to delete it because I was like dammmmn I look huge! It was a balmy 75 here today which is UNHEARD of. Gotta love the wacky NE weather! 80 on Thursday so maybe we’ll have an Arizona type summer!!! I can only hope!


      1. Oh no you don’t! It’s like living in a perpetual blow dryer on full blast. When a breeze does come along it feels like you’ve just opened the oven door to check the cookies and you can’t close it. But I suppose it gets humid there? Which cannot be escaped, even under a tree!
        I’m glad you didn’t delete it…it was uber-cool!


      2. the humidity is the killer I guess but I LOVE heat. LOVE LOVE LOVE and we are getting it early. HAPPY DANCE IN BOSTON


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