Best Days of 2012

so far…and I’m sick

It is beautiful in my neighborhood but unfortunately I have been sick since Tuesday. I never get colds but I am suffering from the worst chest cold. I sound like Dorothy from the Golden Girls, which is not a bad thing because I kinda like her voice, but I still feel terrible. I cough so hard and so long I get dizzy and I think Nyquil has crack in it because I maaaaaaaaaaaaay be addicted at this point.

It was 80 in RI yesterday and I couldn’t get off the couch so I watched The Killing. OMG why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome this show is? Anyway, I watched the whole series, yes, THIRTEEN EPISODES in one day on the best day of the year, so far.

Hopefully I will have some new posts before the weekend is out but now all I want is some more of that nyquil, my couch, and Netflix on my television. Sad, sad, sad 🙂

Be back soon


4 thoughts on “Best Days of 2012

  1. Oh you poor girl! I hope you get well soon so you can get out there and enjoy the sun.
    I did that with Downton Abbey’s last season. I can’t believe I sat there all day but it was too good to walk away from. Next time I get a long slot of time I’ll check out The Killing cuz it must be good…or the Nyquil got to you!


    1. Now it is FREEZING here but you have to watch the Killing…most of the episodes were great. there were a couple of fillers that just bored me but on a whole it was a great series and part two starts next week I think. You have to watch season one before season two starts and then we can rehash it every week LOL BE MY KILLING BUDDY LMAO


      1. Did you get it on Netflix? I hope so. I’ve got it on my tv so I can watch it before I nod off this week.
        WTF? Cold again? Why can’t we just off Mother Nature…the bitch!


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