Power of your Voice

My oldest and dearest friend, 35 years responded to my Trayvon Martin Post last week. Her passion resonated with me and I asked her if I could post her comment because everyone needs to read it. She said yes, and here it is.

I feel a gut-wrenching squirm in my stomach every time I hear the recording. Then I get red-hot mad. This is the very reason I “overkill” on the tight hugs and kisses with my kids, especially when they are sound asleep. I tell myself (and my husband) that when they grow up and face heartless people, they will always have the memories of my warmth, love and kisses, even when I’m gone.

Now, of course I take everything back to the power of your voice by the power of your vote. By working for the Census Bureau, I say your voice starts with your participation in the Census. Congressional districts/representation, financial allocations and community resources are determined by the numbers garnered from the Decennial Census, as well as, from other important Census Bureau administered surveys throughout the year.

Next, you’ve got to be registered and you’ve got to VOTE. Voters determine who are and will be the officials running our cities and patrolling our streets. Voters can change idiotic laws. It may seem like a slow process and your vote may seem insignificant, but just know this, some people are counting on you to think that very thing and not vote. Prove them wrong – – VOTE!

This tragedy truly bleeds many ugly realities. Some say that it’s not a racial issue. It’s hard for me to say that it’s not, especially when I hear zimmerman make numerous assumptions about Trayvon Martin. Did zimmerman start life out so jaded about young black men because that’s what he was taught at home, from television, the movies, music and rap songs? Do we blame society for his “jadedness”? Or, did he have a negative experience with a young black male at some point in his life?

Yes, I believe that this could have happened to anyone of any color who encountered an *&%@ hole like zimmerman, but being a black mother who knows a little bit about American history; having travelled in many circles (race, socioeconomic, gender, geographic, etc.); and having been blessed with the awesomeness of many black males in my life, I can’t help but not to think that this tragedy is racially tinged. So, to calm my troubled spirit, I will continue to hug, kiss and love my little black children a little bit harder and yell on my “Get Out and Vote/Census” soapbox a little bit louder.

Thanks for letting me vent.

You don’t have a say in anything if you don’t do the simplest things to make sure your voice is heard. If you don’t vote, if you don’t contribute to society, if you don’t engage in something you have no right to be upset when things go horribly wrong because you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem



7 thoughts on “Power of your Voice

    1. I have to say the humanistic side of my President makes me very proud. He’s TRIED to speak common sense but he’s been dealing with some hella BS from day one…don’t know how it is going across the pond but over here there is some serious civil unrest going on here…its a very bad time for America because its becoming quite perilous


      1. I agree! I think we’re bound for a mighty storm. Everyone has taken leave of their senses. It’s been a long time since this country has had a call from Chaos (9/11 doesn’t count because it didn’t originate from within, unless the conspiracy theorists are correct) and for the longest time I’ve been thinking about the fall of empires. Not that I’m ringing any death knells but we are poised for change, hopefully the good kind. But you’re right, Shahidah, it is becoming scary. History repeats itself and I’m not looking forward to any kind of past performances. Let’s hope this unrest brings about change in a peaceful way but I can’t deny that I am afraid for our future as a nation. Sorry, I am a melodramatic soul but isn’t there a kernel of truth in that fear?


  1. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Over here the government has just cut the tax rate for the super wealthy, and reduced the pensions of the elderly. A typical Conservative party move. It’s like being back in the eighties when that wicked woman Thatcher was in power.


  2. I grew up a devout Jehovah’s Witness and it was just recently that I denounced my affininty for the adherence to the doctirnes that stagnate the Afrocentricity I feel is catalytic to my hapiness. Being raised in a religion that is elitist and exclusionary is psyche contorting because it causes you to believe that the normal world is delusionary and your ideological peculiararity is original and progressive. We werent allowed to vote because James 4:4 says that friendship with this world is enmity with god and Deu 10:23 says that it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.Your words are a reminder that wisdom is the escapism from monastic ignorance and happiness, throug the love of blackness, is a piety beyond comprehesion.


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