Hello, Again, again

Hello blogging family! I have missed blogging and reading your blogs. I have to either get up very early moving forward to blog or stay up later than my fingers care to type…I’ll figure it out. Life has been busy and busy is good, actually busy is great!

Still saddened that the Trayvon Martin fiasco is still playing out in a very ugly way. Anyone think that maybe there are some powers out there that are using this case to further separate us as a people? There is such a clear division being drawn I feel like I’m in Star Wars but who are the Jedi’s and who are the Siths? It’s crazy.

It looks like Mitt is in. I would love to flash forward to January 1 and skip all the evil that is bound to come up in the general election. I’ve always considered myself an Independent. Voted Republican a few times in my state but now I can’t even fathom them even wanting my vote as a black woman.

Too avoid the news I have fallen back into reading. So much better for my blood pressure but I do miss Chris Matthews  and Eugene Robinson(dudes, can we ever have lunch)

FLOTUS Michelle Obama+ Nickelodeon=FIRE!!!! That is what 40 something looks like…We don’t lose it we just improve it!!!

The Killing is back on AMC Sunday nights. Who’s watching?

Anyone else finding themselves in H&M, MACY’S, and Saks on Wednesday to scoop up the clothes from Design Star? Whoever thought of that idea was speaking to my inner fashion Diva! Love it!

Hopefully I’ll be back on the blogging train regularly once I figure out how to incorporate my life into a neat schedule….riiiiiiiiiight



8 thoughts on “Hello, Again, again

    1. awwww you say the sweetest things boo! I hope I’m back. Work is CRAZY but I’ll figure it out and I have been working like crazy. Remember the Grub Street writers in Boston…well I’ve finally stopped making excuses and have been going at lunch just to write. what an awesome place! You would love it especially now that you are in the elite group of published author!


  1. I love your backdrop! 🙂 It’s so Afrocentric, and just like you I too attempt to avoid the news sometimes. It can become so depressing. 😦


    1. I want to frame that backdrop. I don’t know where I got it. Guess I should look it up because it makes me smile and I’d love to have it hanging somewhere!!!


      1. It made me smile the first time I saw it on your page. I loved it, and it should be hung on a wall inside a frame. Continue to make others smile through your words. ~Shamenomore001


  2. I have indeed been missing you and wondering if you were on some lovely island with a wicked drink in hand and no computer…and a cabana boy or two waiting on you hand and foot! Glad to see you back!!!
    I think that there is some truth to your Sith/Jedi comparison, although I can’t fathom why. I try not to be such a conspiracy theorist but there seems to be a lot of unexplained phenomena in this nation. Where are our Jedi mind skills when we need them? 🙂


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