Turbans, Yay or Nay


It may work for a bad hair day and I’m having a LOT of those since I decided not to relax my hair and grow it out after chopping it all off BUT you really have to work this look. I think I can commit with the right lipstick and some banging sunglasses a’la Lana Turner!


6 thoughts on “Turbans, Yay or Nay

  1. I run around in a bandana or with a hat on most of the time so why not? Idk if I could rock the look but I know you would! With your gorgeous smile you could wear a burlap sack and look glorious. Please post a snap when you decide to take the plunge?


    1. I’m a bandana wearer too and well hats are my life so I always have something on my head just never tried this…burlap sack…you love me too much LOL I have to work haaaaaaaard to make that look good!


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