This may be a bit personal

but we’re friends, I feel free to share. Last night after a very long bath, it’s migraine season again, I was fumbling through my draws looking for something to wear. Maybe, I’m moody but I was horrified when I could not find any pretty pj’s to put on. All my stuff is old, like ewwww old. How the hell did that happen? I believe in looking nice even when I go to bed even if there is no one next to me to judge. How did my evening wear get down to frayed waist bands, faded colors, and mixed match everything?

I’m not a satin frilly pale pink robe kinda girl, I don’t mind the sweatpants to bed look as long as it’s cute to me. I won’t wear said sweatpants outside, ever, clothes are regulated to outside clothes and inside clothes. I will not do the drop off school run in pjs. Just not a good look for me. So how my nighttime drawer became a nightmare is a mystery. Will rectify asap.

Now as much as I do love buying ‘inside’ clothes there is a limit. If I pay $60 plus for a pj set I’m wearing that isth to work on date night. *amending inside outside clothes rule?


8 thoughts on “This may be a bit personal

  1. Yes!!! You would be appalled at what I sleep in! Scrub pants but with a sexy cami. Comfy but ready to roll out into the world of emergency taxi-driver if need be…oh yes, ack!, I have done the drive-to-school in my pj’s but I wear sunglasses and a hat so the teachers won’t recognize me at a parent-teacher conference. Or am I just fooling myself? lol!
    I love satin pj pants but they’re always too long and I’m too lazy to take them to a seamstress. I could buy kid’s pjs but Hello Kitty! and rainbows don’t really shout out “Take me, I’m yours!”
    Happy shopping, Shahidah. Your bed may not recognize you when you slip between the sheets tonight but it sure won’t kick you out when you eat those crackers in it!


    1. should I be ashamed to say that scrubs can be very sexy and comfortable!!! My son’s school is about a mile a way but I swear I have fears of getting into an accident and sitting on the side of the road in some ugly pjs…kinda like the always wear clean underwear. Maybe I’m getting crazy because now I’m having the if I die do I want to be shaven or unshaven LOL why the hell would that matter if the grass is mowed!


      1. Trust me…after seeing all those ladies come in coding and their naked bodies,unshaven is the way to go! They take the underwear off so it’s ok cuz no one will ever see them! And we’re not focused on THAT but if ends up being me someday i at least want my legs hair-free!


      2. You know my legs don’t get hairy. I can go a whole month without ever shaving. I was talking about…. LOL


      3. HH? yeah, still trying to get up the nerve for THAT! I have a DNR kicking in when I get really old just so I don’t have to go there! Teehee… 😉


  2. You are not the only one who needs to revamp her night wear collection, I have two bottoms purchased during the holidays. One of which is flannel and anything else I wear to bed could not be considered sleep wear- as I look through my Victoria Secret catalog folding pages of all the items I “plan” on ordereing I always end up falling asleep in the same sweats or that Christmas flannel thinking hmmm, there not that bad, I’ll wait for sale.


    1. oh I just got my catalog in the mail yesterday. I was looking at it when I was taking that looooooong bath which prompted my pj sadness LOL I love Khols because they always have sales but there VS kind of leads in comfort and cute


  3. Hmmm, I guess I should be ashamed, being married and all. In the winter, I don’t care. But I do try to look nice around the house when it’s warm.
    BTW: I’m going to add you to my blogroll, soon as I get a chance. Cool?


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