So much going on and I feel like I can’t handle everything.

Those moments when you(I)  feel panic creeping up behind you (MEEEEEE).

Breathe. Count. Exercise. Make a list. Prioritize. hitting the fear head on is the only thing that calms me but sometimes that takes a moment for me to face. this week I have to get that creeping feeling from behind me.

Have to face it eventually. How do you tackle those anxious feelings?

*making my own cookies


17 thoughts on “anXIOUs

  1. Well, like I’ve stated in my blog post this week, I’ve found hobbies to help me release my stress. I hate feeling anxious. There is nothing worse than fearing the unknown as to why you’re so anxious. At any rate, I breathe slowly, meditate, pray, seek wisdom from friends who know and understand God, and I take time to reflect on my pros v/s cons. ~Shamenomore


    1. I like what you said! I’ve recently learned about breathing and sitting quietly to still my mind and heart rate. And that’s important when you talk to friends–they must know and understand God. Blessed is the woman who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.


      1. Blessed is the woman who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.

        thank you Donna. I always appreciate your words of wisdom…I really do. I copied this bit because this intrigues me because, although I know what you mean, I just want to ask what you consider ungodly? Is it a person that does not believe in God or a person who behaves in a less than godly fashion?


      2. This comes from Psalm 1:1. In essence, you would want to seek counsel/confide in a person who is taking your issue to God and not other people. Some folks will gossip in the name of a prayer request. “Girl, you better pray cause she’s having problems with her man…”
        However, there are Christians/believers in God who cannot give good advice. I believe it’s also about the character of a person and what kind of fruit they’re bearing in their own lives. Why go to a person who doesn’t have a dime in the bank for advice about money?


  2. Did you eat them all yet? 🙂
    I hope that feeling crept away in the night and left you at least one or two!


    1. still have that feeling. that dread. You know I submitted my book to an agent. that is part of it as I anxiously wait good or bad news. I hate this process!
      I bought two rolls of toll house cookies…yum but I want some butter cookies


      1. Yay! I’m so happy for you! Not the anxiety part but the submission!!!! I feel for you…I can only imagine what must be going on in your head. Don’t stress too much and I am waiting for the good news!


      2. I’m waiting for some good news too! Trying to be cool but…this is only my 2nd submission so I know I have to really start putting it out there


      3. It’s going to get easier, I know it. Oh, I can be all smug in my assertion, having only just begun to write my book…I’d be shitting bricks and when my time comes I hope you have a drawer full of spare panties to lend me! This doesn’t help you at all but I wanted you to know the depth of my empathy!


  3. I try to tackle anxiety head on and confront the issue. That’s difficult when the issue is unknown! Cookies are never a bad idea though. What you need is some Chicago Public School Butter cookies.


    1. so are you mailing me cookies from Chicago? I live in RI. I’ll thank you in advance as Butter cookies are my FAVE! what a great guy you are 🙂


  4. You know what I’ve recently started? Paint-by-numbers. I’ve always wanted to do that, and I found a site that has cool adult kits, not those tempera paint things kids have. Very relaxing.


  5. Hey Sis. We all have moments like this. Thanks for being honest.

    Depending on the situation, panic is your body’s way of letting you know you don’t feel safe – emotionally or physically.

    Count. Breathe. Do what you’ve been doing to avoid the head chatter and then take a moment to remind yourself of what matters most…”I am divinely protected.”

    Love and light!


    1. thank you for that Nalia! I think for most people that anxious feelings comes from avoidance. I have that habit sometimes to avoid things/people I need to confront and when it gets to this point and I have no choice I find that it was easier than I imagined…YET I do it again. Hard head but I’m smart enough to take my own advice and I will take yours…I am divinely protected and I sometimes forget that 🙂


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