Tuesday Movie Night

When I see a child about two years old have a complete melt down in a store I don’t bat an eye. I give the mom what I hope is a ‘it will get better, we’ve all been there look’ and keep it moving. Sometimes our little precious will really show their ass but most times their behavior is pretty predictable and you, as a loving parent, should work with their nature not against it.


Why as a parent would you want to add stress to your life by dragging your four-year old child to a 7:30 movie on a Tuesday night? I don’t blame the child for their constant outbursts, screaming Go Iron Man, and commentary every ten seconds. I blame the parent. First, shouldn’t that child be winding down for bed at 7:30? Second, weren’t you stressed when people kept looking back at you sucking their teeth and shhhhhing your child? You could not  have enjoyed the movie and neither did we.

I hate it when parents get indignant when their child misbehaves in a movie theater or restaurant that is not age appropriate for their attendance. Are you kidding me? You get angry with us for being upset when your two-year old hurls a ketchup bottle to our table…yes, that REALLY happened and I would not have been upset except that it was 8:30 in the evening.

Seriously folks, I know how much as a parent you still want to do the things you used to enjoy but give us a break and get a sitter.

Would it be rude for me to start a petition that after 6pm there be two designated theaters, one for parents with children under twelve and the other for adults who don’t want to hear a six month old screaming for a bottle but those adults have to STFU too?




















6 thoughts on “Tuesday Movie Night

  1. I’d sign the petition. When I go see a movie, it means that I’m paying someone out there good money to look after my kids at home. I don’t want to be bothered by anyone else’s kids when I’ve finally managed to get a night away from my own!


  2. I’d be the first to sign. I used to work nights at Walgreens and my blood would boil whenever I saw kids in the store…at 1130 pm! Granted, it was often in the summer and the neighborhood was mostly made up of really poor people who probably couldn’t afford a sitter but why come to a drugstore that late at night? What is so pressing about buying candles, motor oil and hair color? Isn’t it more important to let one’s children get a good night’s rest? Nah, they’d rather blame their kids’ poor behavior on ADHD and fill them up with Ritalin.
    Btw, I really loved The Hulk in that movie. I bet you were wishing you could morph and scare those stupid parents out of the theater!


  3. I hear ya! That’s a good idea. Here in Chi one of the transit systems have Quiet Cars during rush hour for folks who don’t want to hear all that running off at the mouth after they’ve worked all day. The theaters may want to take heed.


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