I Hope I Never Get to Old

That I stop

Dreaming big


Loving Superhero movies

Laugh at someone falling

kissing madly & passionately

Eating swedish fish

loving summer nights

cocktails with my girls

girls night

date night

cocktails with him

dressing fabulously


fall in love really hard even if I’m already in love with the person




I never want to give up hoping…wishing…working…writing…

I know old age will come one day but I hope it’s after a life well lived…


I just posted the lyrics because its what she sings that moves me.

This song makes me feel like a Lion. Strong and Confident. I am here!


3 thoughts on “I Hope I Never Get to Old

  1. I never want to get to “old” either…I have a feeling we’re both always going to stay in young mode for a long time. Lovely!
    I never want to lose my passion…for anything. I want to fling myself into everything under the sun that’s joyous and fulfilling! šŸ™‚ I will have the spark, just wonder about the plug!
    Again, lovely.


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