Entitlement and Bill Clinton

I remember a time when I adored the Clinton’s. When Bill played that saxophone on Arsenio Hall with those cool shades I felt the youth of a future White House.  After Bush #1 I felt we were going to have a president who was everyday folk. His mom was a single flamboyant woman, his brother a misfit always getting into trouble, and despite not having Texas money he was able to capture America. He gave the presidency charisma with his slight southern drawl and twinkling eyes. Just like President Barack Obama in so many ways.

When the whole Monica Lewinsky business played out on television I was angered with the GOP. They set him up. Yeah, he made it easy but why did she save the dress? Who does that, unless even  in the good moment they are planning for the bad moment when they can bury you? I felt for Hilary because I thought this was something that should have been handled between them…but he lied and it became a fiasco. Still I liked Bill. He was a charmer and just like Hilary I forgave his deceit and blamed it on everyone but him.

When Hilary announced her run for presidency I was overjoyed. Yes, I believe she is wholeheartedly capable and I was a big supporter. I was mad that this man from Chicago should try to take what I thought was hers.  It was HER time and Bill’s again. Bill would be back in the White House and I knew he’d be right there beside her making decisions. I loved Hilary… But this guy from Chicago was going to take that away. He did take that away.

I saw Barack Obama at Rhode Island College. My daughter and I were making a quick run to Dunkin Donuts that Saturday. I knew he would be there but didn’t have the patience to wait in the line that was outside the campus walls. Something told me just go…how often do you get to see a presidential candidate up close? So I was one of the hundreds who was frisked and escorted inside…(off topic secret service men are sexy).  After hearing him I dropped Hilary like a scalding hot potato. I still loved her but I wanted him as my next president. I hated their debates because I hated to see him crushing her. And he crushed her. Some of it was her own fault. She was playing checkers while he was slaughtering her in chess. But I still loved her. She lost with less dignity than I had hoped for because it got bitter. She nor Bill could figure out how to deal/handle this man. I knew there was bitter blood but if she put up a good front I’d still love her. She did but not Bill.

I hate Bill Clinton. Since 2008, every time I see his face on the news, in a paper, during an interview my disgust grows for him more. Maybe I take his obvious entitlement to the White House too personally… but he tried not only to bury Barack Obama he tried to bury the whole Democratic party all because he felt the WH belonged to him. Even now as he supposedly stumps for the party you can hear the undercutting, the bitterness, and anger he has towards Barak. The papers are always writing about the deals the President has to make with Bill to win. I want to say, no I want to scream, Fuck you Bill!!!! He’s no better than all the GOP teabaggers disrespecting the President imo. I am sick of the pandering we have to do to this bloated rat bastard who has proven to be the biggest most selfish, egotistical, blowhard as all the rest of them. I guess he figured he owned the White House and he only wanted Barack as a visitor until Hilary had the seat first. Maybe Hilary is the same bitter person as Bill. Maybe she hates the President for stealing her throne too but she has hid it well. I don’t love her anymore because I’m not sure what is really in her heart but I do want to see her president. Well, as long as there are no more Barack Obama’s around the corner. If she dropped Bill I think I would really fall in love with her again..

I got an email from the Obama12 campaign to win a chance to have dinner with the President and Bill. Bill I would love to snub you in person. To not even look you in the eye as I give you my black girl eye roll and give Hilary and the President the biggest hug the secret service will allow.


6 thoughts on “Entitlement and Bill Clinton

    1. No loyalty to his party at all. I lost all respect. When people show you who they are believe them the first time Maya Angelou. I should of understood way back that he was selfish. Dinner with Bill. Dude, does not want the verbal assault I’d land on him. Ugh punk ass!


  1. Shahidah, you said the F word! Methinks your distaste of Bill must truly be for real because you never curse! I liked him well enough but always felt sorry that Hilary had to put up with him, the very real ball to her chain. He should’ve kept some shreds of dignity and supported Barak. All the male posturing for Hilary’s sake just makes him look like any other couch potatoe pundit.
    Loved this to pieces!


    1. I didn’t want to drop that F bomb but I am angry. Funny thing about Hilary is that I can’t stand for anyone to speak ill of her. I really want her to be president but I want her to drop him like it’s hot lol! He does not deserve it!!?


  2. Bravo my sister – – well said! I always liked and respected Bill just enough, but it sometimes irritated me when some well known African American radio hosts, politicians, clergy and other “celeb-types” often had an idol-like worship thing going on towards him. I read his biography years ago and I really admired his (and Hillary’s) earnest drive and ambition. Even as a youth, his sight was set on the global stage, but without the birth entitled financial means, he was forced to be resourceful, calculating and cleaver early in life – – not a bad thing (credit to his mom for that).

    But, I always thought that Bill took all African Americans’ love, loyalty and respect for him for granted. Actually, he probably took everyone’s love, loyalty and respect for granted – – even Hillary’s. Then again, Hillary is just as driven and ambitious as he is/was. She knew not cutting her ties with him would probably gain some sympathy votes for being the “perpetual victim” to his egotistical antics. I liken their relationship to early European royalty when marriage was a matter of power, positioning and land. Love? Yeah, maybe, whatever.

    Anyways, back to Bill. I am not at all surprised that he is doing what comes natural to him – – self preservation. I still think he was a great president that knew how to get down and dirty (out of the public’s eye), put on that “shit-eating” grin (my favorite Nawlin’s term) and really make deals and concessions that the average voter can’t stomach and doesn’t want to know “how” it happened, but is just glad it did “happen”. I think he saw and recognized early in the “up and coming” Barack, that familiar drive and ambition. For Bill-types, it’s hard not to be the sole focus of attention and praise. I’m not saying that President Obama is perfect or should be worshipped, but I think President Clinton can’t completely grasp that fact that Barack is smart, charismatic, driven, ambitious (and handsome), in spite of Bill’s blessings.

    I liken Bill’s attitude to what I suppose was Norman Lear’s and all those early 70’s sitcom producers’ attitude was back in the day. You couldn’t have a successful black sitcom without the “self-righteous, coming to save the day” white knight. I think secretly, Bill still wants to be that white knight for the country.


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