Sunday Randoms

Happy June 10!!!

Nothing particularly special about today but something about a warm sunny morning sipping coffee on a beautiful porch makes everything beautiful.

I want a beach porch so badly. Not a rented one either

Beware of Cool Shades.

Everybody looks sexy in a pair of cool shades…well, except for this gremlin

At lunch the other day my co-worker and I counted how many cute people walked into the restaurant with sunglasses only to remove them when seated and have a not so cool look. Luckily, most people were still attractive when the sunglasses were removed but there were a few gremlins in the pack!

Eyeing my daughters tumblr Shesbloggin Please follow 🙂

Awwww Sunday….I hear the thrift stores calling my name!

Happy June 10! Enjoy the day!!!!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Randoms

  1. Is that your gorgeous girl? Omg, she’s just as beautiful as you! And I do believe you’re absolutely stunning with and without shades. On a porch or in a car, be it near or oh so far! (Feeling a little Green Eggs and Ham this am!)


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