Looked pretty happy signing in that healthcare law Mitt. You know the one that our President used as a model for our national health care law.  Don’t worry I’ll pretend those pics don’t exist like I try to pretend you don’t exist. Hypocrite.



8 thoughts on “Pathetic

    1. Hey chica!!!!! I’ve missed blogging and reading blogs. Summer is hectic but great so far!!!
      Poor Mitt. Had he just ran on his merit and values maybe I could at least respect him. What is it about Barack Obama that pushes people to the extreme to beat him? He sticks to who he is and if they just did that instead of morphing into uberidiotracistjerks then maybe they wouldn’t make themselves look so foolish. Good news is that rush said he would leave the country if the healthcare bill passed. Is it a lie or a joyful day? I bet my house it is another fat GOP lie. Le sigh


      1. Le moan, too. I bet that freak ain’t going anywhere. Who would be insane enough to let him be an expat in their country? Aregentina perhaps. Let’s see if he has packed his bags yet.
        Glad your summer is swell! I really dislike summer here. I’ve got cabin fever…it’s too damn hot to enjoy after 7am. Looking forward to winter already and we’ve got 3 more months of hotter and hotter left. Boo hoo!


      2. Oh I’m feeling for you with that kind of oppressive heat. I was in Texas last week for work and OMG it was 108 during the day and 98 at night! I love New England LOL


  1. I’m puzzled by you Yanks at times, why is there such venom against Obama trying to make sure the ill can get hospital treatment? Or am I simpleton and its all about protecting lucrative medical practices?


    1. Okay. I see when you say yanks its because your English lol
      The funny thing about those who hate Obama and healthcare are the ones who claim to be god loving Christians. They are the selfish kind who hate helping their brother. WWJD? I think he’d support healthcare


      1. I didn’t mean you personally but from our news of events I meant, or so it seems, a lot of American’s (Yanks, its from WW2 LOL) are against this Obamacare as I think its called and Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal the laws I believe. Or as I stated, am I too much of a simpleton to look at this way? If so pray put me right 🙂


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