Movie Tuesday

I love a day off and I love a day off when I can do anything I want like watch movies. Four cool movies from four different countries. AWESOME

*All movies are subtitled and available on Netflix

Thailand Horror. In the early dawn before I put foot to floor. DORM(2006)

I love a good Asian horror movie but this was not horror. Sure, there is a ghost but one sad ghost that begs a mom’s heart for a hug. Yes, I’m a sucker like that. This movie is more of a coming of age tale for Ton who is sent away to boarding school. He’s an angry kid who is taunted by his schoolmates and discovers a friend in ‘dead’ schoolmate. I loved this movie. It was very moving and sweet. Amazing how children are children no matter where they come from, what color their skin, or language they speak. Great flick Netflix has the subtitles but the trailer does not. Highly recommend.

Unable to lay in bed I move to the kitchen with a cup of coffee. Any other Tuesday morning I’d be in the shower prepping for work. How about a movie from Belgium? Thank you Netflix. Vampires(2010). A mockumentary from Belgium. A camera crew follows around a Vampire family from their high decadent lifestyle to their fall and exile from their community. Funny? Yes. Yes it was. LMAO

Now off to Norway but I’ve moved to the couch with my breakfast. Buddy(2003) Video diaries can be scary. It brings up visions of Jackass in my mind. Thank goodness this film was better than that. Its just what the title says a Buddy movie. Young billboard hanger is dumped by his girlfriend and his life needs and injection. Filming the everyday and not so everyday of his life with his two roommates is the shot his life needs. He and his buddies lives are changed but what they really seek in life is far simpler than what they thought. You know the classic friendship and growing up tale. Loved it

America and the Amazing Spiderman! I had to leave the house for this one no illegal bootlegging for his movie lover!

OMG I loved the new Spiderman. The story was great. The actors were pretty good and there was not that big damsel in distress scene! I don’t know about any of you but I hate women in most superhero movies. They start off as smart intelligent capable women and end up stupid, screaming and stumbling in a pair of high red bottoms. Die Dumb Chick DIE! Spiderman was better than that. Yay Spiderman.


3 thoughts on “Movie Tuesday

  1. I appreciate how you can appreciate foreign movies. I’ll admit I’m not as evolved. If you get a chance, check out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It is a surprisngly good movie! Great sci-fi plot, easy to follow, interesting concept, no over-the-top special effects. The ones it had were great. I like scary vampires, not “sexy” vampires.


    1. Girrrrl I saw Abe Lincoln the first Friday LOL. I loved it. Dare I say i liked it waaaaaay more than Avengers! Yeah i said it. I think it was much better!
      Okay, I know you are not a foreign movie fan but there is this UK show called Top Boy! It was somewhat predictable with the whole young G in the projects trying to make a name for himself in the drug business. Only four episodes but really good.


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