Education is a Right for Everyone not Weed

Education is not a dirty word. It is not only for the wealthy. Slaves fought for it. It’s not just a privilege it is a right.

Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world. Malcolm X

I actually get what Mitt is saying here but if the cost of education keeps rising then it becomes an issue of only the wealthy can afford it. So, where does that leave the poor without options of education? Where does that leave whole communities like ours who do not have economic wealth? A clear line drawn between the haves and the have-nots.

So I don’t understand the grumblings of young black Americans who feel the President needs to be concerned about weed when there are pressing issues that not only affect the community at large-Seriously, discontent over weed? I’m sure the right to smoke was not a factor in any slave rebellions

To put it in colloquial terms: Weed is a non-motherFing factor in this election. Education is THE factor.

Get your life


5 thoughts on “Education is a Right for Everyone not Weed

  1. I hope weed is legalized, but its not important to the election….. too many kids unable to continue their education because they got caught with a few joints or a five dollar bag of weed.great blog! Happy 4th of july


    1. I agree. if cigarettes and alcohol can be legalized then I see no problem with marijuana even if its not my cup o tea. this crack down on marijuana makes no sense when alcohol is just as dangerous if not more dangerous to the brain.


  2. I guess I really need to start following this election more closely. I had no idea Black people were so lost that they think is more important than education


  3. I’ve been a big advocate of legalizing maryjane so we can tax the hell out of it and quit throwing money away on a war that will never be won. It’s not my cup of tea either and I am against utilizing substances to escape from reality or whatever excuse people use to drink and do drugs.
    And I agree. Let the weed issue sit for awhile, it ain’t going anywhere but our future is moving ahead one nanosecond at a time. And that’s what the state of the union hinges on, the future of the people.


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