Corporate BS

The decisions we make and a few we don’t usually have a way of turning up for reconciliation, redemption or revenge. I had a few of those this month that made me question who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to be respected. The reason for my weeks long absence.

The last few months I have had to listen to stories of old co-workers as their jobs are outsourced to another country. Several of them were actually sent to that country to train the people who would be taking their jobs. As of July 1st friends from my old job were all let go.

While one friend did expenses for her top executive boss, $350 for dinner, $300 for one night hotel, $90 for lunch and $600 for monthly parking in the building garage, the people down the hall from her were packing their desks. It cost a lot of money to entertain other CEO’s so a company can broker deals with them <Please insert smirk here>

I’m not trying to slam capitalism but I agree with President Obama when he says you didn’t build this on your own. I know Mitt has been running on the misquote but I understand what the President was trying to say and the point he made is valid. I admire a good old rags to riches story. It is admirable to see someone with a dream and a determination and see it all come to fruition. But many of those dreams had help and often that help came from the people whose names will never be in the Wall Street Journal but they are very, very silent partners in someone else’s success. Not all of us have that drive or ambition to be a CEO. Some of us are just the worker bees but if it were not for the worker bees where would these companies be? If there is no back office could the front office even operate?

Its summer and the old saying is that many a deal is made on the golf course. How awesome is that? While some are wondering how they are going to pay a car note others are riding around golf courses making ‘deals’.

I am feeling quite vulnerable these days. It’s not a great feeling at all and it can be very self-depreciating.  I can’t say I’m feeling better but I have made the decision to take better care of my destiny.

be the change I want to see in the world.

On a final note…

Think about what this man will do for you and your country.





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