Big Sister Venus

I love that Serena’s biggest fan, besides her mom and dad, is her sister Venus. I love that in the early days when they did interviews together you could see the protection Venus had for Serena and vice versa. I love the fact that when they were in school and Serena lost her lunch money Venus handed over her lunch that day to her little sister and it must’ve been February because it was fried chicken. Now, that’s love. So, when Serena won her first gold today and the cameras panned to her big sister laughing and cheering on her little sister. I cried. I always wanted a big sister and I have grown up watching some pretty awesome sisters love and protect one another. Congrats Serena you have your single GOLD and you have a golden sister in Venus. Life can’t get any sweeter…well until tonight when you both get that Doubles GOLD! I’ll be rooting for you from Rhode Island!




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