Winning at all Cost: For Shame Mr. Romney


Race. It has come down to that for the Grand Old Party. With zero percent of the African-American vote and the Latino vote slipping it comes down to angry uneducated white men/women who are afraid of losing their America. Instead of calming their fears you have chosen to exasperate them. You  have chosen to divide this country by creating a ‘them’ and ‘us’ America.

Shame on Mr. Romney.

Well I’m America too Mr. Romney. Did you notice the faces at the Democratic National Conventions? Americans were there. White, Black,  Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Atheist, men, women, children…they are Americans too. Where were all our faces at the grand old party?

You say you are a moral man Mr. Romney but where are those morals? Where is this religious family man compass you speak so  highly of but have yet to demonstrate to America?  Manipulating, distorting, and misleading the truth is just plain old lying and you have done a lot of that.o

Desperation. Winning at all cost. Suppressing votes. Desperation.

You are not what America needs at all. You are a terrorist, sir. No one may have ever asked you to see your birth certificate but we certainly need to ask you to show us your good character. But  I suspect (no, I know)  you lost any good character years ago. Many, many, many years ago. I hope you really do find the God you say drives you….a God I do not want to know if  that is true.

Shame on you Mr. Romney. Go away.


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