Assholic Mitt Romney

For a couple of months now a video has been circulating on YouTube of a fundraiser of Mitt the Twit and his billionaire friends. In the video Romney dismisses Obama’s supporters as people who take no responsibility for their livelihoods and who think they are entitled to government handouts. And the uproar begins. Now it’s front page news and will be dissected by every political pundit for the rest of the week. I hope it is another nail in the coffin of this imbecile.

But seriously , what makes this clandestine confession amongst his friends new business? Romney has shown from the beginning what he feels about anyone not on his income level. He has shown via his no-details campaign that he does not need to explain himself as why he should be president. It’s his right you stupid people!

Mitt is an assholic. He’s been drinking his own urine far too long to get off of it and at this point an intervention wouldn’t help. His whiteness gives him entitlement to the White House and by any means he will try to infect all of us with his assholic-ness. You, people who vote for Obama are welfare, social security, union loving waste of space says Romney. Get used to being the abused girlfriend America but don’t look for an apology after Mitt slaps the isht out of you. Real men don’t apologize after they whoop your ass. Remember that Nov 6



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