Once Upon a Time



I am so late to this show. I guess, I was afflicted with a little ABC snobbery, I don’t expect much from them since they cancelled Detroit 187. But Once Upon a Time is excellent. I watched the entire series on Netflix. Yeah, I can be one of those people who once I latch on to a good story I refuse to let go till I reach the end. Stephen King books ruin my life for at least a week because I won’t let those gabillion page novels down till the last word is read.

In Once Upon a Time the show bounces between the fairy tale characters we love in their world and the modern world in set in Storybrooke, Maine where those characters were transported by an evil queen. In this new world the characters have no idea who they are but the queen does and she rules as mayor of Storybrooke. Her adopted son knows she is evil and after his teacher gives him a book of fairy tales he connects the dots. He goes in search for his real mother who is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and the savior for all of Storybrooke and can release the curse.

The writing is awesome and the acting good. I could nitpick if I wanted to but overall the show is solid entertainment. My biggest critique would be that twenty-two episodes is too long. As with most drama serials the show really starts to lag around the eleventh episode and I can see why viewership dropped till the season finale.

Season two premieres tonight on ABC at 8pm. I will be watching and I hope the writing surpasses the first season.

You can watch all of Season One on ABC.com or Netflix, like I did.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

    1. Last nights episode was pretty good! I think I may get tired of Regina. She’s going to have to either really get what’s coming to her or tone it down


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