They won’t just go away

I’ve been absent many days because of the election. I mentioned in previous post how badly this election cycle has affected me. It’s been rough. I’ve done what I could as a volunteer and it has been hard. I was scarred pretty badly in New Hampshire when I ran into a few really angry voters. I will tell that eventually but feeling are still too raw for that now. But the silver lining is it is almost over or is it?

One more day and we all get out and vote for our opinions, our beliefs, and the man who will take the country in the direction we feel is the right one. One more day and we all go back to our uneventful lives free of the visceral emotions we carried for months, I hope this is the case but I fear the worse. Tea party members  have showed a level of contempt and  hate for our president that has poisoned the entire GOP.  Mitt never once denounced or reprimanded any of their hate rhetoric and even encouraged it. He is not a leader but when he loses and I hope to GOD he does those teabaggers won’t just go away. They have been encouraged and their hate has been allowed to grow. What can that mean for us all on Nov 7th and beyond?  They want to take America back to a time that never really existed except on episodes of Leave it to Beaver. Where were the civil rights on Leave it to Beaver? Where were the African Americans, the Latinos, Asians? Where were the rights for women? Nothing was more evident than who the GOP thinks America is for than each and every rally they have had since the RNC. Ask yourself where you fit in with their vision?

If Romney is elected our vision of a progressive America will change and Karl Rove and billionaires across the states will have a puppet they can manipulate into the war mongering, civil rights stripping, social security medicare ripping president of their dreams. Ask yourself why Romney wants to privatize everything in the government  He wouldn’t just be president but he will set it up so that he, his sons, and friends will own those services imo…how scary is that? we have a hard enough time dealing with our insurance companies who don’t want to give us great service for the money we pay. I can’t imagine anyone’s social security being handled by a private organization.

It’s almost over.






One thought on “They won’t just go away

  1. Reading your post today reminds me of the story of Chicken Little – – although the sky did not fall (in my world) on Tuesday, there is still so much work to be done. The tides of change and progress are greater than the ebb of resistance.


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