Dear Mitt,

I was one of those Democrats that when you announced you were running for President was really interested in what you a moderate Republican would say. I have voted for moderate Republicans, I am from Massachusetts although I was absent from the state while  you were governor. I knew how torn the country was over President Obama’s race, yes, I have stop deluding myself that the majority of the GOP just didn’t like his policies, so I thought if he were to be replaced, why not a moderate Republican. WHEW, what a difference actually listening to you made. You courted the ignorance and divisiveness and the racial ignorance. You Did That.

Well, it’s a new day and after all your assholicism, all of  your lies, your GOP manipulations…really, voter suppression in 2012? Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women, we don’t matter, really Mit?  Well, Tuesday we all got to say goodnight Mr. Romney but I just wanted to leave you and your dear Ann a song that really describes how I feel about saying goodbye to you.


All those Americans you didn’t even try to include in your Presidency. What kind of BS is that?

What goes around…


One thought on “Dear Mitt,

  1. I should actually thank Mitt. For all the times that I spent lecturing my sons about truth and honesty, Mitt’s entire presidential campaign pursuit provided an invaluable lesson in life for them in the course of a year (well, maybe 6 years). I always tell my sons that sometimes the truth is uncomfortable, it hurts and it is not always popular, but I (and others) will have more respect for them when they tell the truth. I also stress to them that “good self-assured” feeling you get when no one can question your integrity and you don’t have to feel ashamed about your thoughts, words or deeds. Yes, thank you Mitt, for even my six and eleven years old sons said that it would have been much better for you to tell the truth – – starting with yourself.


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