Hey Girl, Happy Birthday

My birthday was January 3rd. I was all set to have a pity party about it because new year same shit. Sorry, for the language its just how I felt. BLEH.

But my mom is awesome and she makes bad feelings melt away like snow in the Bahamas! It has been tradition for my mom, my daughter and me to explore NYC for my birthday weekend. This year it was Brooklyn.

Hey Brooklyn your city is awesome!

First surprise. Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclay Center and my name in lights courtesy of my mom and daughter…oh, and of course my dad who respects the girls weekend but still contributes.

We ate, we walked, we laughed, we shopped and we ate some more! I needed it.


I had a fabulous weekend with Aminah 1 and Aminah 2! I feel invigorated and motivated so for all of those who have followed the blog, get ready I have some awesome things coming up.


Catfish from the Neely’s Restaurant



Typed from my IPhone. I hope this works


2 thoughts on “Hey Girl, Happy Birthday

  1. Time with family can be the best, especially when unexpected traditions get created, glad you enjoyed your day and here’s to many more with your mom and daughter… Continued blessings!


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