Shameful Day Indeed

I listened to President Obama today and I too am just as angry and disappointed in the Senate as he is. Please explain to me why we need background checks for jobs but no checks for guns. Why do I need a background check to rent an apartment but not need one to buy a gun from a little gun dealer name Bubba? Closing loopholes does not prevent you idiots from buying guns!

To the Republicans that voted to block the bill…I expect nothing less of you heartless people.

To the Democrats that caved and blocked  the bill…explain yourselves, cowards.

To the NRA who is simply smiling and gloating now please know that we the mothers, the fathers, the American people  see you for the sham  you are  and will not stop fighting you.

To the American People disappointed, especially those who have suffered from senseless gun tragedies: Everything will be alright in the end. And since it is not alright it most certainly is not the end.


One thought on “Shameful Day Indeed

  1. I just decided to spend part of my evening reading blogs, and happened upon this one. There is a question I usually ask when I see someone upset about the recent bill not passing, so I am going to ask you too.

    What exactly was in the bill? And based on what was in the bill, how do you think that would have improved gun violence?


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