Boston: Have Faith

There is much anxiety in Boston now. Apprehension of the remaining  criminals is imminent. The city is on an unprecedented lock-down, and it is very scary but I have faith. Faith in the law enforcement that has diligently worked to get us to this day.

Maybe it’s because I have been working in Copley of Boston area all week and I have seen the Boston Police, the State Police, the FBI, and the military do such an awesome .work. I watched them do a great job as they secured the site, took care of the residents and established order in the city. I felt secure with them around. I watched the forensic scientist diligently combing the streets and rooftops on Boylston Street. I watched in awe and respect at their efforts. When I walked to the Cathedral to get a glimpse of President Obama’s car I felt safe in the crowd as the bomb sniffing dogs walked up and down the crowd. Yes, I am on high alert but I don’t feel beaten. I feel strength because of them, those many law enforcement officers whose job it is to keep us safe. I have faith in them.

The news is reporting that they believe the suspects are part of a bigger cell and many people have expressed fear but believe and have faith that our law enforcement officers are doing everything to ensure our safety. They are doing a great job. We will feel safe again and these persons will be brought to justice.

I am so extremely proud to know we have some great men and women working for us.



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