Silly Me, French Movies, and Nathalie Baye

I don’t believe the hype that French women have the lock on style. I read somewhere that a Parisian woman would never be caught in the streets with a pair of sneakers, trainers, athletic shoes or whatever you call a pair of Converse Chucks and Nike. Bullshit.  I do, however believe the hype that Parisian women know how to age gracefully and with style, thus making them sexy over forty and/or over sixty.

As I leap into the dating pool my mind keeps bringing me back to a French movie I posted on a few years ago une-liaison-pornographique or the American title, An Affair of Love. Even if you don’t speak or read French you can clearly make out that the title is NOT An Affair of Love. Nathalie Baye is in her forties when she makes this film, about the same age as myself. I admire her coolness and even her bravado to seek out a relationship based on her terms. She is  sexy and confident, kinda how I’m feeling about myself as of late.Pretty damn sexy. Not bragging but acknowledging that at forty-five I have aged well and with some damn style. I feel so French. I feel so free. I feel like I want a silly romantic French love affair minus the horrible ending.

A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed.

A woman has the age she deserves.

Coco Chanel

Second Part of The One from the Elevator coming up. Interesting Date 😉



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