Dr. Who Is A Tory?

Hello Shahidah this is Seth the guy from the elevator.

I have a very small office and I consider myself to be a master of emotion that I didn’t scream like a seventh grade school girl when I heard his voice on my voice-mail Monday morning. He called me back. Is it possible to hear a wink in someones voice over the phone? Insert Big Smile here.

Because the seventh grade Shahidah still lives within me I checked the date and time he left his message, Friday, same day as I left him my message, but  hours later at 9 pm. Seventh grade Shahidah would  not let me delete the message as she will probably listen to it several times this week.I knew he was a lawyer from his card and considering his firm is one of the biggest in Boston I was not surprised he was in the office so late. I didn’t call him back immediately I made sure to go to the ladies room so I could silently scream away some of the excitement in my voice.

He invited me to lunch. I accepted. Maybe I should have played it cool and said I was busy and asked if we could meet later in the week but I’m not that cool and I hate dating games. I panicked only because I really knew nothing about the man except he looked like Dr. Who and loved the Celtics. How long could I fake that I cared about Doc Rivers game plans?

My morning was quite unproductive as I obsessed over what we would talk about for an hour. We met in the lobby and yes, it felt like a French movie as I walked towards him. I forced my mouth not to break into an open smile and play it nonchalant like my friends warned me. As we walked to Legal Seafood I could feel us flirting with each other with our words, eyes and smiles. It felt good to be looked at in that way men do when they are interested in you. It makes me feel all warm and tingly. He complimented me on my dress which wasn’t entirely by accident, since he handed me his card that day I had been wearing my best dresses just in case of another four-minute elevator date. I was very interested in him.

He said I had the prettiest smile and always seemed happy when he saw me on the elevator. I confessed that I only smiled because he smiled at me first. He argued that I definitely smiled at him first. Oh well, who cares? Our conversation is polite and casual.

He has very soulful and kind eyes. I wonder if I should tell him that. There are so many things I could compliment him on but I honestly cannot remember from my non-existent date play book if men like compliments like that. He seems more serious than playful and I wonder if I seem more playful than serious and if that is a good thing. Uggghh! Do I bring up books I read or discuss the economy?

I don’t know when we broke the carnal sin for dating  but it happened about halfway through my fisherman platter, I didn’t go the salad route. I don’t know what sparked it but before I knew it were talking about Rachel Maddow and politics. GASP!

We disagreed on just about everything. He didn’t like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow while I considered them best friends in my head. I totally see myself becoming Rachel’s BFF one day. I know its going to happen and he didn’t like  her. How could he not like my BFF? And yes, I know I am probably the only other than his wife that wants to go on a date night with Chris Matthews.  I forgot about being nervous, I forgot that it was our first date, and I forgot about being self-conscious. We debated like old office cronies. Good thing, right?

As the waiter put the check on the table I put my hands over my faces. “I can’t believe you are Republican. Dr. Who is not a Tory I’m sure.”

“Dr. Who?’

“You know Dr. Who.”

“Yeah, I know the show but I never watched it. Seems really silly?”

There is a wink in his voice. I smile.

“I’m a republican who does not watch Dr. Who, does that mean you won’t have dinner with me?”

I roll my eyes at this Republican.



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