Body Shots

I’ve been debating with myself about posting before and after photos of my body as I, once again, try to get fit and healthy.

Body shots are a scary thing. I’m not overweight by a long shot but I could use some work, some light sculpting, some toning. Sunday, I was at the beach and a woman who looked to be about fifty walked by in a bright orange bikini. Her body was exceptional. It pissed me off. I couldn’t dare wear a bikini like her because of the bulge. I used to blame the stomach overflow on my children. Eighteen years since my youngest wrecked the womb I can no longer blame them for my lack of sit ups, crunches, or squats.

Really, all I need is a twenty-minute a day routine to tighten up.  At 127 pounds I’m not trying to lose weight but get to the point where my clothes fit the way I want them too. I miss certain dresses that show a bit rounder belly than I would like to have, I want to be on Team FlatStomach.




This squat challenge  has been all over my FB page and seems to be the craze of the moment. I would love to have the rock solid ass I had in my thirties. I was 100 pounds during most of my twenties with Noassatall but I was smiling pretty at my backside by the time I hit 30. #blackgirlproblems

Not sure if I’m going to bite the bullet with actually posting before and after shots but I’m about to get my fitness on.



2 thoughts on “Body Shots

  1. I’m proud of you. There is never a good not be in shape and looking your best, something I have tried to do all my life. You certainly have the genes so go ahead and express them.


    1. Hello there!
      Thanks. I’ve done some work just haven’t stuck to anything consistently. My mom goes to Zumba four times a week. I have to do better than her LOL


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