Another Soul Taken: Antiq Hennis

I’ve been wanting to comment on violence in our community all summer. It seems like every week there is a new story on Monday morning about rampant gang shootings from the weekend; particularly in the city of Chicago, where one weekend over fifty people were shot. I can’t even fathom that kind of street war. It is hurtful to read. I can’t wrap my head around the reasons for gangs. I can’t wrap my head around the sense of utter disdain of oneself that the only way to feel important is to be a neighborhood terrorist. Yes, I understand that is simplistic in thought. I understand that there are many underlining factors but what I don’t understand is that we still have not gotten a hold of this. I don’t understand why gang members still are able to take down our streets. They don’t own shit yet in some areas we have let them take over.

This weekend we all were more than horrified and hurt when one year old Antiq Hennis was gunned down as his dad pushed him in his stroller.

It has been reported that the father was the intended victim and that the shooting is gang related. How must that father feel now? What lesson has he learned from this tragic murder of his child? He should be feeling like we do, when our innocent children are slain by stray bullets even though we have no connection to gang activities.

I want to say to this twenty-one year old father, do you see now what you do? Do you now understand the destruction, the hate, the devastation you and your gangs unleash on all of us? Would he even understand or feel any guilt? Is he out there in Brooklyn planning his drive-by where another child may be taken down? My heart breaks for the pain of the loss of a child but I cannot muster up much sympathy for Antiq Hennis’s dad, Anthony Hennis. I can only shake my head in total disgust and wonder if he is reaping what he sowed.

I want to say to little Antiq’s mom and all the other mothers who ‘date’ these gang members and then lost a child due to their violence, do  you see what happens when you lay down with dogs? I know she is hurting and I hurt for her but the fact remains that she HAD a child with a gang member and karma can be a real bitch.

I’m tired of these neighborhood wannabe Scarface terrorist. We ARE better than these scabs and this bullshit affects all of us but it starts in our homes and communities first.

We have to depend on each other to stop this.

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One thought on “Another Soul Taken: Antiq Hennis

  1. I just want to say to the person who stated this comment you have no heart and for you to mention anything about my cousin Anthony hennis has nothing to do with what happened to my baby cousin if you people had your FACTS. Straight you wouldn’t say the things you say and you can’t judge a book by its cover. Anthony was a great father to his child and who did this to antiq hennis is the cold hearted one he took a babies life away and no one can’t ever replace that. So know your facts before you start chatting sf you must be a gang banger yourself for posting a dumb non statement as cherisse love Anthony and her son so get your life before you start minding someone’s else’s you dumb moron.. Let me guess you have something to do with it eatch yourself you dumb fuck and your post need to be deleted don’t ever say something about someone you don’t know do your research DUMMY !!!


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