Other Peoples Opinions

I finally did something I have been wanting to do for over a year. I submitted my novel to  a literary agency. It took me so long because I was constantly asking people to read it for me and tell me what they thought. The  consensus, overall, was that everyone did like it but…

maybe you should describe the city more, make me feel like I can smell coffee when the protagonist passes by a favorite coffee shop

maybe the ending could be happier

do you think it’s too long for a first novel

maybe you should add a more erotic sex scene instead of leaving it to the reader’s imagination

why do you need such an explicit sex scene

If I were writing it I would describe the scene this way….

But the thing is no one wrote this but me. It is my vision yet I let too many other people’s opinions fog me with doubt. I told the story the way I see it and maybe it it wont be good enough to be published but then again maybe it will be great. If I keep trying to find my voice in other people s opinion I will never get past the sound of a cough in hurricane. I will be washed out. So last night I followed all the requirements for this one particular agency I believe will be a great fit for me and I submitted. I SUBMITTED!

I’m not even anxious about getting a rejection notice because I’ll just submit it somewhere else and while I’m waiting I’ll write another novel.

It is up to me to believe in my work and as hard as it is I have to believe first before asking anyone’s opinion.

What have you been putting off because you fogged down in opinions? I know I’m not the only one.


Feel the fear and do it anyway

th-5 th-6




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