Police Behavior: Are you Kidding Me Right Now?

I do not have a love/hate relationship with police. I’m not their cheerleader but I definitely recognize their stress and I respect what they have to go through everyday. I respect that as a society we  need law and order and it is their job to enforce it. If  I have to count  I have had far more dealings with ‘reasonable’ police officers than I have had with police officers I felt were drunk on their own assholic-ism.

I have never felt the need to make a complaint against them but last night, or rather early this morning 12:48 am to be more precise, two police officers rang my doorbell  trying to locate a phone lost/stolen from Cumberland Farms. Before they rang my bell they rang the neighbor across the streets bell and pounded on the door of the neighbor to right side of me. The neighbor to my right is not elderly but she is a single woman in her sixties and was scared when she heard them. Her first instinct was to grab her phone and call the police. They questioned her saying their was a cell phone pinging in from her address. I know what that means in the general term but what does that mean? Does it mean that someone tried to call the police from a cell phone and the GPS gave her address as the location, is it an emergency ping, what kind of ping necessitates a one am pounding on the door ? They asked her if she was the only one in the home,  that made her even more nervous she relayed to me because she just couldn’t fathom why officers would be questioning her at that time of the morning and searching her yard for anything but an emergency. So she questioned if they were really officers but the car is parked  in between our driveways and since she didn’t answer the door  just spoke through the window she just let it go.

I live in North Providence, RI but work in Boston. I wake up at 5am every morning to catch the 6:33 train out of Providence so when my door bell wakes me out of my second realm of sleep I think it should be for an emergency. My son answered the door and I heard  voices and him laugh so I assume it is one of his friends dropping something off he may have left and needed. Then he comes into my room and ask me did I find a phone at Cumberland Farms earlier.

“No I haven’t left the house all day” I’m half dazed because I actually went to Walmart around 11am but I had forgotten about it in that instant.

He informs me the police are at the door and they are looking for an IPhone. WTF, are you kidding me right now?

I have no problem with people trying to get back their property but do the police really have that little to do that they go around knocking on doors at 1 am looking for cell phones? I would have happily answered the door, been polite, let you look around the yard at 7 pm or even 9 pm but 1 am???? No, I think that is ludicrous. Absolutely utterly insane and disrespectful to my household. If the owner of the Iphone was attacked then a 1am doorbell rang would not necessarily bother but in my eyes that is a serious crime and I’d want the police to investigate if it were me or one of my children but the officer never stated it was an emergency. It was a lost phone!

This morning I called the police station to make a complaint but before I did I wanted to hear if there was more to this story. I spoke with the day sergeant who actually had a hard time understanding it also so he pulled up the police log/report. The police report or log stated that two officers showed up at, lets just say 24 Maple Road, looking for a missing cell phone. I actually live at 28 Maple Road which is not mentioned in the report. The day sergeant sounds as  baffled as me which actually made me feel more relaxed because this just does not sound reasonable for two police officers to bang on doors looking for cell phones unless there is a battery or something attached to it. He told me to call the night sergeant between midnight and six am. I’ll call in the morning at 5 am when I wake up to start my day.

As I said I work in Boston, a hour away from Providence, and about 2pm my neighbor calls me to tell me that an older gentleman and his son were looking for the cell phone in my yard and my neighbors. I called the police but they had searched and left. So now I have two strangers searching my yard when I’m not home to give consent. They didn’t even try to ring the bell to see if anyone was home just took it upon themselves to come on to my property. Again, I understand the frustration of losing an expensive phone but how dare you come on to my property without respecting me enough to even ask first?

I have heard of cops knocking on doors for cell phone ‘pings’ but it has been in the day. Is this part of the police new job description because IPhones are so damn expensive and a lost/stolen one requires two cops to knock on doors in the middle of the night?

I do plan to file a complaint because I find it unreasonable behavior and I may just file a complaint, if it is legally possible, on the people going through my yard.

Am I crazy or is this insanely stupid?

Would you file a complaint?



I don’t want to ruffle any feathers in my town but I find this totally unacceptable guys.



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