Freedom: On My Own and Traveling @ 40something

I have traveled to some great places in my life. I’ve traveled with my parents as a child, with my husband as an adult, and with my children throughout their childhood.  I have never just traveled on my own. Traveling with an entourage of family is wonderful and I will continue to enjoy those vacations but I want to enjoy the freedom of traveling alone, well maybe not completely alone. It would be nice to have some male companionship

I want to pick up and go somewhere without feeling the need to teach or learn but solely because I want to be spoiled and pampered. I don’t want to feel as if I have to go on a tour but just be lazy and drink a French martini in a hammock on the beach. I see those pictures in magazines and realize I’ve never done anything as simple as that. Matter of fact I have never been on vacation where I have enjoyed the night life. NEVER. I have never been to a club on vacation or got drunk and had to stumble back to my room and pass out on my hotel bed. I don’t necessarily HAVE to get that drunk but traveling without my family I would have the freedom to if I wanted.

I don’t want to get girls gone wild,I just want to enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about children on vacation I just want it to be all about me for a change so I’ve been plotting. I’ve been looking at travel sites and magazines and daydreaming and I know the day is coming soon when I buy that solo ticket.

book a ticket

heavensmall deckparis



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