Netflix Weekend

This weekend I indulged in my foreign film addiction. I know many people complain about the lackluster library of Netflix but I love it. I think the Indie and Foreign film selections are awesome, where else would I see them otherwise.
Friday night I started with Hidden. A BBC television four part series. I’m a fan of Philip Glenister after watching him in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes so I’ll check out anything he headlines.
Hidden is a bit of a political thriller. Glenister plays a lawyer who is hired by another lawyer to find a witness. Of course nothing is as it seems and there is a lot of murder, a lot of unanswered questions. It was good and like most Netflix watchers I watched all four episodes in one  setting. Firm B- if you like political thrillers.
Early Saturday morning I  watched South American, film The Last Days (Los Ultimos Dias). A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet where humans develop an irrational fear of open spaces which causes instant death. The world is stuck indoors and the only mean’s of travel is underground, through subways and sewers. Marc is stuck in his office in Barcelona and tries to get home to his girlfriend and is assisted by a co-worker trying to get to the hospital to see his father. They run into gangs and chaos. I liked it perfect for a Saturday morning while I ate my breakfast. C+
Downfall is a German movie based on the final days of Adolf Hitler. I started watching it at 3am Sunday morning thinking I’d just watch till I fell asleep and continued it for my Sunday afternoon. I watched the whole thing. It was powerful and Bruno Ganz, first movie I saw with him was the Italian movie Bread and Tulips, one of my faves,was riveting. We all know Hitler was crazy but to see Ganz’s portrayal of  him unraveling as defeat is inevitable kept me stuck to my laptop in the wee hours of the morning.  After watching the movie I immediately went to my Amazon and ordered The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  Firm A and a definite must see.
Netflix Weekend

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