Part of the Problem

My apologies in advance for the use of the word I hate more than anything.


The message below was in my Instagram feed today. It made me angry because we should not still be having this discussion in 2014. This word has not elevated black men at all it has just sustained a cripple self-pitying mentality. A mentality that has us shooting up our own community and taking our neighborhoods hostage

Niggas certainly don’t vote…and because they don’t vote you end up with a Ferguson, MO. A strong black population abandoned by their political leaders even though they are the majority because they have no representation. Less than 5% of the black people living in Ferguson voted.  Men vote and organize not just when a tragedy happens but always. There have been some strong intelligent black men leading in Ferguson. They are not niggas.

Honestly, where has this word got us? Sure, if you are a rapper it gets you a nice home, cars, all the big booty hoes you can dream of but at the end of the day what respect are you getting as a man as a leader?

When I hear a black man refer to himself as a nigga, I hear someone who has given up on being a master of his destiny. I hear someone accepting a level of failure and self-hate that is worse than what any man can put upon him.

You can try to own the word as much as  you want but every black man is hurt when it is hurled by a white man so those wounds still have not healed and the word still holds a wicked power of hatred. We can’t make a word used to demoralize us and make it good. It just will never be done. EVER.

Stop trying to be a nigga and be a man and read your history. You are so much more than that ugly word.  We are so much more than this ugly word. This one word is a large part of our community issues, our self-esteem issues, our self-image issues. Let it go.

Yes, innocent men get shot but nigga’s get hunted. 


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