My Instagram Feed

I love Instagram and set my evenings to view all the lovely, funny, and inspirational snapshots in my feed. I really am trying to be diligent about not always having my fun in my face…I know I’ve lived without this thing but like everyone else I can get obsessed and possessed with these apps.

I’m feeling lazy and sad over the events here in America and abroad. The world can be so cruel we all have to find a zen place and remember we are only here for a short time. Loving is so much easier in the soul than hate yet we give in to the latter so easily.

Little something that put a smile on my face today


If you don’t have one get one!


Hey Diddy #lovemefirst


Remember her in Eve’s Bayou. She was cute then bur she is just drop dead gorgeous now


This Fro though!  #froenvy


Lmao. Y’all know #thestruggle


I love Meechy. I can’t be there but I’ve donated


Yup. What she said


Nawww I’m good tonight. #needmetime


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