Netflix BBC Finds

I love a British crime thriller i. e. Waking the Dead, Wire in the Blood, Luther and Prime Suspect to name a few. Here are a couple of my recent finds:


I started watching Happy Valley yesterday and thank goodness it’s only a six episode season because I’m hooked. The show centers around Yorkshire sergeant forty – seven year old Catherine Cawood. She’s likeable, tough and somewhat complicated but a very real identifiable character. The show shadows her job, her personal life, and the crime in the background of a young girls kidnapping.


I’ve never been a huge Inspector Morse fan but I do believe I have watched most episodes. A few months back Netflix released Endeavor, it focuses on the young Inspector Morse.  It took me this long to watch and I think its one of BBC’s quiet gems. It takes place in the early sixties and I actually find this Inspector Morse much more entertaining. Very methodical, a bit antisocial and completely brilliant. Far less animated than Sherlock but a very enjoyable crime show.


6 thoughts on “Netflix BBC Finds

    1. Go watch it! Not sure what your television taste is but I think both shows are intelligent complicated good crime writing. I’d love to hear if you do check it out. Go Go go πŸ™‚


      1. I’m sure you’ve seen Luther with Idris Ella
        Try White Chapel
        Vera is a pump up murder she wrote lol buts good.
        Life on Mars
        Ashes to ashes

        Ugggh I’m drawing a mental freeze. But trust me I’ll come back with a nice list for you πŸ˜‰


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