Get Isht Done: Check

to doI make a list everyday of the things I want to accomplish. I can often lose focus and motivation and a list helps me to see what it is I want and the steps I need to get it.

I try to divide my list between work and personal and between the two most days the list can be a full page long. If I can get at least half done on each list I feel very accomplished by end of day.

Some days the list can be made of what some might think of as obvious like drink water, go outside for lunch walk, mop kitchen floor or search apartment therapy for living room ideas. Sometimes I need a reminder to just breathe or just handle the simple things.

I realize part of the reason I haven’t accomplished all my goals is because I’m not looking at those goals everyday…sounds silly but just living is a goal in itself but we all need the gravy or the cherry to make just living a purposeful life. My list, like a vision board, helps me document my steps as I move towards that ulitmate goal. Actually having the list has improved the attention I’ve been giving this blog lately. Consistency is key and my list helps me stay consistent.

Do you keep a to do list?

What do you do to keep your eye on your prize?




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