Tree Fell On My House: I ain’t Bothered




Today was a great day to sit by the water at Boston Wharf and simply enjoy the moment. I needed the refresh.

A tree fell on my house and car in August.  Actually, not the whole tree.  It split from the top and the top half of the tree fell on my car and front porch. Thing is, I never park my car in front of the house and for some reason I did this night. The police said had the car not been there the tree probably would have completely destroyed the front of my house. I could’ve been stressed but can’t be pissed at a tree.

My youngest son was hit from behind in the same car two weeks ago, he’s fine but the car is totaled. The car that saved my front porch is totaled. Thing is I’ve been wanting a new car and although the insurance said it was a lost I couldn’t let go. The estimate to get it fixed is a little over 3K. The car has only 113k miles on it. I’m getting it fixed and giving it to my oldest son. It worked out for both us. No sense in being stressed, still winning.

Home projects, looking for a new car, and adjusting to new and  constrained working conditions you’d think I’d feel stressed. Amazingly I’m not.  I’ve made the mental adjustment to deal with life as it comes. Good and bad things will happen and the only thing I can control is how I’m going to deal with it.

I found ignoring shit only makes bigger shit till the point I can’t breathe.
Dealing with shit as it comes with a bucket and some bleach makes me feel in control and less mentally cluttered and bothered. Keep smiling it always gets better.



4 thoughts on “Tree Fell On My House: I ain’t Bothered

    1. Oh yes I stay fully aware of that as I have seem quite a few friends lose their homes to foreclosure. Most with two incomes compared to my one. There have been scary moments but I’ve been blessed for sure and have worked hard not to go into debt.


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