In my head Taraji and Idris are my around the way homies. Don’t they just seem the type you could spend a Friday night with talking trash and sipping on wine…or congnac? So for that I will just say their movie was just okay and that is being generous. There was very little suspense and a movie like this should have you jumping not rooting for Idris to kill her because her character is so silly that you just want to get home already. Who cares if the bad guy wins, its Idris for goodness sake!

I feel like I need to apologize to my girl Taraji for not loving her performance or that wig. I wanted to, I really did but there were far too many holes but I’m a sucker for supporting our actors so I’m not terribly upset I went. I did enjoy the ending and the popcorn and coke was….ooooooh so delicious. My cheat night for not eating right. Only for you Idris, only for you.


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