On Horror: When Your Laptop Dies

I’m going to spare you all the obsenities I spewed when my laptop finally took its last taps from my loving fingertips and died last night. Oh, the horror. It had a long life, probably longer than most but I knew it was coming to an end soon. I was smart enough to backup the important stuff but I still hate saying goodbye even though I knew the time was coming.
I’m pretty sure all writers develop a weird love for any means they use to tell their stories and I definitely had a weird love for my laptop. I felt it call me as it sat upon my desk most nights when I tried to sleep, begging me to hit its keys. Most nights I never resisted because in the end I knew it was for the best. When I hit those keys and it played its music as my mind and fingers cojoined to a rhythm of tales I felt magic happening. I tried to save it over the past year holding on and fighting off the urge to buy a new laptop. I just didn’t want to imagine my fingers dancing over some strange keyboard when I had this wonderful relationship with my keys.I tried to fight against it but the time has come and now gone and sadly I had to give up the hope. So here is my farewell to my trusted friend, my laptop.


We never had the chance to work our magic at some beach house in the carribbean but the dream was there 😦


2 thoughts on “On Horror: When Your Laptop Dies

  1. I love this! My hard drive died last week and I went through a few days’ pf panic at the thought of the expense and hassle of replacement. My back up,system is great, but that wasn’t the point. I wanted/needed THIS laptop. Fortunately, all was saved- I have a new hard drive- but I feel your pain!


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