On Writing: Sharing the Process

You would think  because I have a blog I have no problem sharing my writing with the world, but it is quite the opposite. I don’t mind sharing my opinons but my writing is quite another matter. A very personal matter. I shy away from letting my readers into my fictional worlds. Its not that I’m terrified of criticisms, I honestly am not, but I have let others peoples criticisms and voices shape and reshape what I have written in the past. I had to grow stronger as a writer to take a critique, review it, and still to stick to my vision. Sometimes that may mean changing something but it should in no way stop my process and make me question a story altogther. I had to believe in my vision, like Kanye believes in his vision,and write as I see my story not as someone else believes it should be.

I think I’m there.

Today, November 1st, is the start of National Novel Writing Month,NaNoWriMo,and as I go through the task of writing a novel I will be sharing a lot of fiction writing on my blog. Writing is a huge part of who I am and going forward I want all of you to see that.

To my fellow bloggers who are engaging in this process I wish you good luck and happy writing. It won’t all come easy so at those times please support a fellow writer. Novmeber-the month of saying No to fear. No to mediocrity. No to procastination. No to self-doubt. And absolutely No Quitting. Get it done!



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