On Looking For a Bargain: Online Glasses

I do not do a lot of online shopping because I’m usually disappointed. I have gotten too many items that looked great in a picture only to get the clothing and the material is cheap- I’m looking at you GAP -or the shoes don’t fit comfortably. So I rather go into the store to touch and try on everything, same for my eyeglasses.

Every year in the spring I get my eyes examined, get my new prescription that always slightly change, and check out my doctor’s office for new frames. This year I slightly rebelled. I looked through all my old eyeglasses, most of them still good and realized that basically I’m getting screwed every year. All the lenses in their expensive frames were basically the same. I just don’t understand why plastic frames with D&G on the side should cost $300 only to be replaced again with a slightly difference lens. Slightly different . Then a friend suggested ordering my prescription glasses online.

Are you kidding me? Ordering my glasses online, that just sounds all kinds of wrong?



Because what?

I honestly can’t think of a reason. I’m giving an online vendor my prescription as my doctor writes it but what about the measurement thing to make sure the fit is perfect?  She reminds me that before my prescription days I used to buy expensive and cheap sunglasses from different stores and didn’t get a measurement.

Look at the site. See if you like anything.


I did and found a pair I loved. The lens and frame totaled $89. I have never spent so little on a pair of glasses that were not covered under my insurance. Two weeks it took for the delivery and it felt like Eid when I saw the box sitting in my livingroom after work.

I love them and I see perfectly.

Have any of you ordered glasses online?

I’ve attached a few pics. I hate taking pictures but I’m trying hard to get over my fear of looking at myself LOL

2014-11-06 16.53.51


pic 2

pic one



3 thoughts on “On Looking For a Bargain: Online Glasses

  1. They look GREAT on you. And I’m bookmarking this site. I’m in desperate need of new frames, but with the annual car insurance, renter’s insurance and life insurance premiums due, I can hardly see for the tears in my eyes. Thanks for the head’s up!

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    1. There are glasses cheaper and more expensive than the pair i got. I said worse come to worse I’d only be out 85 dollars. A great investment! I love the glasses and plan to order another pair. Right now you can get free shipping and first time buyers get 50% off so you could get a pair of glasses as low as 40 bucks! Go to the site and let me know how it works out!!


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