Dining Room Table: I Have Two Old Doors

A few months ago I donated my dining room table to a woman with three children and moving into a new apartment. I thought it would be easier for me to get a new dining room table and I just wanted something different. That was in August and we’re still eating at the kitchen island.

Thing is, the sets I see within my price range I don’t like. They don’t have that certain oomph and the sets that do are outrageously priced. I want to sit down and eat at a table not drive it.

So today I was watching Flea Market Flip on Netflix, I watched all season one and two-total binge, and had a great idea. Repurpose! Flea Market Flip has two opposing teams buying pieces at a flea market on the cheap, refurbish it, and sell  it for a profit. I’ve seen some really crappy items get turned into some beautiful and unique pieces of furniture.I can do something like that. I think.

As I’m watching the show I remember another design show where they made a dining room table from a door. A DOOR! I have one of those, no wait I have TWO of those.

Surfing the net I look for basic instructions and it seems soooooooooooooooo easy. Add four legs to an old door and a custom glass top. It would be the right amount of uniqueness I want without costing me thousands of dollars.

Here are a few table ideas I found on the Internets:

table 1

table 3

table 2

I think they are pretty good ideas. I’m not saying I’m totally married to the idea yet but I did bring the doors downstairs and they are leaning up against my dining room wall while I mull over things…I’m thinking.

nice deskI like the idea of a desk too. Very cool


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