Kim Kardashian

I don’t want to be a basher. I’m not here to judge nor am I the morality police but I am more than a little tired of this Kardashian, first name Kim.

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the PAPER cover Kim posed for. I thought about posting the pictures here but I honestly can’t stomach to look at them. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked anymore. I guess she really defines attention whore. It really isn’t the picture that bothers me so much as it is her tweet about it.


I guess I shouldn’t be mad at her quote after all she is getting paid millions to just show her ass while I’m typing this for free.

But is this all Kim? Is this all you aspire to be…just some chick who can balance a champagne glass on your ass? I guess I could be mad at Beyonce for her Partition video where she showed some ass as well but, and I may be prejudiced here, at least Beyonce works. She has always worked. From a little kid, her father had a plan and disciplined her well. Say what you want to say about Bey but she is not all about ass nor does she reflect that in her personal life. Kim,imo is about ass all day everyday. That is who she is and what she aspires to be. You’d think she would want to leave more behind when all is said and done. I guess the future North can look at these pics of her mom and think…I don’t know what the hell she would think. The way that family is I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an ass shot of North in a few more years. They just don’t seem to carry any self respect. Maybe


3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian

  1. I can’t stand this woman either. She really gets on my nerves. The whole Kar-trash-ian family are a waste of time. Kim has NO real talent and is famous for a sex tape. This is something to be proud of?? Not in my opinion. I like classy women who have some type of moral standard. No matter how much money she makes or nice clothes she wears…..she will still be a classless tramp in my eyes. Kanye is a fool for marrying and reproducing with this woman. But hey to each his own.

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    1. I know what you mean. They age horribly!lol That’s why they are so jealous of black women. Everyone knows black people age the best. It’s no secret. Kim and her sisters were already getting plastic surgery when they were in their 20’s. Poor

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