My City Providence: The Vault Collective




I don’t post enough about the goodies in my state. I’m originally from Boston and commute there everyday for work but live in Rhode Island.  For a small state there are so many interesting and cool things going  here. Every year I vow to get to know Lil Rhody a little better but with a work schedule that keeps me in Boston ten hours a day and tack on a two-hour commute I must admit my quality of life has fallen. I wake up at dawn, take a 6:30am train to work, work till 6, get home at 7-7:30, by 8:30 I’m just prepping for the next day and in bed by 10. I haven’t had a much of a social life or had a whole heap of time to enjoy the things I love, like vintage shopping/browsing.

I read about the Vault Collective on Rhode Island Monthly’s twitter on Thursday and I was there on Saturday. The Vault is a collective of different vintage vendors and this pop shop is open till February.





If you ever get the opportunity to buy a vintage coat do it. The weight and the timeless elegance of one is something you will never get from the coats made today. I have a wool vintage Bonwit Teller coat with a fur collar. It has to weigh at least three pounds. It is heavy, yes, but it has a swing to it that makes me feel like I’m about to go have drinks with Lana Turner. Most vintage coats I see are definitely worth the price for the craftsmanship alone. My coat cost me about $100 and most of them are in that range. Worth every cent and more. The Vault had a great selection and I’m kicking myself a bit because there was a red tweed that I should have gotten. KICKING MYSELFimage

Ha! A Ouija board. I don’t believe in evil spirits. Have a hard time accepting that if someone is an evil SOB in real life that God would let them continue to inflict evil after their death. That’s just really fucked up so I choose not to  believe evil spirits are allowed to keep roaming when we have to deal with evil in the flesh of living human beings.




I’ve been reading a lot about pop up shops around the country. Very cool idea. This one was my first and I hope a lot more come to the downtown area of Providence. I think they are probably great for start-up businesses and small businesses looking for more exposure. Have you been to pop-up shops in your city?


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